Industries we serve

Banking and finance companies need to process high number of documents on a regular basis. Signing these documents on the go is a need of the hour for these organisations in order to combat competition and provide effective services to the customers.

instaSigner enables Banking and Finance companies to handle their documents in most effortless, cost effective and efficient manner while ensuring legal compliance.

    Use cases:
  • New account opening
  • Loan application and processes
  • KYC documents
  • Bank letters and correspondence
  • ATM and credit card communication

All organisations whether large, medium or small process large amount of documents like the invoices, PO’s , letters, agreements etc. These organisations have implemented modern applications and ERP’s to cut down paperwork and make processes efficient but they still need to print documents when it comes to approvals. Digital approvals of such documents can make the processes completely electronic and also reduce efforts and costs to a great extent. Storage and retrieval of digitally signed electronic documents is easier.

    Use cases:
  • Invoice signing
  • PO’s, contracts, other sales documents
  • Finance documents,
  • HR letters and documents,
  • Agreements, reports etc.

Telecom companies process high volume of documents. It is an operations oriented industry that handles a huge amount of data. Telecom industry can use digital signatures to convert their processes to electronic ones and thus reduce use of paper, and resources needed for printing, distributing and storing paper documents. Digitally signing of documents provides security, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation for digitally signed documents.

    Use cases:
  • New connection documents
  • Invoices
  • PO’s, sales documents etc.
  • Change requests
  • Document verification
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Service requests

Healthcare and lifesciences organisations deal with a lot of documentation on a daily basis. Healthcare documentation needs to be very secure and needs to comply with government regulatory requirements. Many healthcare providers are now going for digital signature technology to speed up and streamline processes, upgrade document security and save money. instaSigner enables healthcare companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc reduce costs, improve document handling and enhance security. instaSigner digital signatures are valid for healthcare organisations across the world.

    Use cases:
  • Patient on Boarding
  • Prescription for Drugs
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Lab Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Consent forms
  • Patient Documentation

These days the educational institutions are seeing value in incorporating technology into their operations so that they can devote their time and efforts in important activities rather than in operational tasks. Most of the students, parents and teachers are becoming tech-savvy and looking forward to a digitized experience when they join a school or college.

To meet the demand for complete digitization, the education sector must integrate e-signatures at both administrative and educational levels.

    Use cases:
  • Student application forms
  • Transcripts
  • Scholarship documents
  • Transfer requests
  • Financial aid documents
  • Progress reports
  • Change of course/ major forms
  • School leaving certificates

In India, e-Governance initiatives have been implemented since long time and are continuously evolving in order to provide transparency and accountability in governance. In e-Governance document and process security, authenticity, data privacy and legality is very important. E-Lock instaSigner provides various security features that are useful in Government applications. E-Lock has provided solutions for several mission critical applications

    Use cases:
  • e-tendering application
  • Internal communication documents
  • Reports
  • e-procurement application
  • Finance/ HR documents

Process delays are one of the biggest causes of ineffectiveness, inefficiencies and poor performance in any organization. Many times HR resources are busy following lengthy HR processes, losing focus on goals and hampering productivity. A simple solution like replacing pen and paper signatures with digital signatures can enable Organisations to take their processes completely online and save time, costs and resources to a great extent.

Human Resource processes are one of the most paper intensive processes in any Organisation with lot of documents that need to be maintained. These documents are also very confidential and need to protection from getting leaked or tampered. PKI based Digital signature solutions like E-Lock offer security and authenticity to documents along with enabling offices to go online.

    Use cases:
  • Recruitment process
  • Offer letters, Employment contracts, NDA's
  • Salary slips, Employee policy documents, tax documents
  • Employee communication, Time sheets, Reports
  • Performance appraisal process
  • Any other HR document signing

Sales professionals spend a lot of their time in administrative activities related to orders, sales documents, reports and other paperwork. These documents need to be printed, signed and transported to the recipients and involve lot of efforts and time. In sales, processes need to be very efficient and decisions need to be taken fast. With the use digital signatures sales processes can cut down on time required for paperwork, enable fast decision making, reduce efforts and costs involved. The sales departments can concentrate on revenues rather than processes by going completely digital.

    Use cases:
  • Sales contracts
  • Invoices
  • Customer agreements
  • Proposals & Bids
  • RFP, Quotes
  • Reports and other documents

Any organisation requires a large volume of data to be stored and documented. There is a lot of paperwork involved in different departments like HR, Finance, Sales, Procurement, and Operations etc. This paperwork takes up valuable time and deviates the attention of the employees from their actual work. Performance of the organisations can be hampered due to inefficient processes and excessive paperwork. Adopting digital signing can help businesses considerably cut down the time and efforts invested in processes and enable faster decision making.

    Use cases:
  • Signing finance documents like invoices, agreements, payslips, tax documents etc
  • Signing sales documents like sales contracts, PO’s, proposals, bids, agreements etc
  • Signing HR documents like offer letters, appraisal letters, tax papers, reports etc.
  • Signing procurement documents, legal documents, internal and external communication etc